Best value baby clothes from superfine Merino wool

You want best for your baby and we want best for your baby too. So we suggest clothes from Merino wool because it is perfect with lot benefits: 
* Soft * Breathable * Longer sleep nights * Better sleep quality * Natural * Odour resistant * Easy care * Cool in summer time and warm in winter time.
To bring clothes from best fabric for affordable price we even not dyeing them. Baby don't care about colours, don't waste money. Check our products in eShop.

Delicate Dream

Hi All, I just wanted to share my story and experience with using Merino wool for my baby.

Once we stayed with our 5 months old son Gabriel at a hotel for a couple of night. The first night he was very hot, sweaty and restless. This disturbed all of us had a bad night sleep. I didn’t even stop to think that this could be due to his cotton clothing.

The next night I dressed him in merino clothing (sleepsuit) and found that he was a lot more calm than the night before and was nice and dry. He was able to rest and be a lot happier. I had heard of the benefits but never really believed them until I saw the results for myself. I would recommend that all try merino wool for their babies – it works a treat in keeping them comfortable.

Rachel – Mum of 2 children